Genre: Urban Arts

a playground for the urban creatives

We are a group of creatives who utilize print and digital platforms to share our creativity.

Home base is in Milwaukee, WI, but we are boastfully a global platform with reach across the entire globe.

Our vision differs from other arts communities because we do not disaggregate art. We compartmentalize in enough of life. Here, we are CREATIVES! Our goal is to meditate on creativity. Discuss creativity. Display creativity. Collaborate creatively. Become eclipsed by creativity. Experiment with familiar and unchartered spaces of creativity.

Genre: Urban Arts is focused on the satisfaction of the psyche through creative expression. We are a creative and brilliant people. Our goal is to participate in a renaissance. Join us.

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We younger [Black] artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame... We build our temples for tomorrow, strong as we know how, and we stand on top of the mountain, free within ourselves. -Langston Hughes, The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

Time to black out. It’s a Blackout.

If we do not make space for ourselves, who will?

Black artists and writers submit to our open call for art + writing from and centered upon the Black experience.

This anthology is a collaboration between Genre: Urban Arts and 5 Points Art Gallery + Studios, both Black women owned organizations coming together in friendship, sisterhood, and business to curate and drop an arts anthology entitled Blackout.

This anthology is our temple for Black People of the African Diaspora. Create about our experiences, our happiness, our joy, our love, our growth, our hurt. We will show up here and be represented in our fullness.

Make sure to visit the This Is America Exhibition at 5 Points Art Gallery + Studios in Milwaukee, WI. This Is America is an annual exhibition featuring artists of color, demonstrating through visual art, their perspectives on what is America. The show's concept is not necessarily a projection of a pro or con stance on America, but more so a visual narration of "this is what America is/looks/feels/tastes/etc. like to me". The concept is open-ended to capture the broad, often overlooked, lived experiences, associations and identity to the country and its culture(s).

Black Artists and Black creatives, this is a publication where we do what deities must— create.

We stand here on the work and love of our ancestors who push us forward and also push us inward to become more fully ourselves.

Add us on social media at @GenreUrbanArts + @5PtsArtGallery

Blackout Submission Requirements:

  1. No Simultaneous submissions.
  2. Must be own original and unpublished works.

Visual submissions:

  • 3-6 hi-res images, minimum 300 dpi, .jpg, .png, .pdf

Written submissions:

  • 2-3 written works, .doc, .docx, times new Roman, 12pt font
  • poems- 30 lines or less
  • prose, 1-3 pages

Print Submission Requirements Genre: Urban Arts  

This anthology seeks short prose (3,000 words or less) and short scripts (up 10 pages, excluding title page) from BLACK + BROWN writers writers of the LGBTQIA+ community, writers with disabilities, writers that are immigrants, and writers of any other historically marginalized groups.

Calling short script and short prose writers! Genre: Urban Arts is creating an anthology just for you. 

Do you have a short script, a flash story, or a short story that the world should read? Are you a person of color or from an otherwise marginalized group? Come to Genre: Urban Arts.

Anthology guest curated and edited by Erica Jasmin Dixon.

Topic: Open  




1-3 pieces maximum*. 

Up to 3,000 words, double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman font.

Flash and short stories accepted.

*If more than three works are included in your submission, only the first three will be read.

Stage and Screen Plays

1-3 pieces maximum*. 

Up to 6 pages each (excluding title page) in standard script format, 12pt Courier or Times New Roman font.

*If more than three works are included in your submission, only the first three will be read.

Cover Art/ Featured Art

1-5 images (file size no greater than 64MB).

Artwork and photography accepted.

Please tell us about each piece submitted, including title, medium, and artist statement.


Genre: Urban Arts