Genre: Urban Arts

a playground for the urban creatives

We are a group of creatives who utilize print and digital platforms to share our creativity.

Home base is in Milwaukee, WI, but we are boastfully a global platform with reach across the entire globe.

Our vision differs from other arts communities because we do not disaggregate art. We compartmentalize in enough of life. Here, we are CREATIVES! Our goal is to meditate on creativity. Discuss creativity. Display creativity. Collaborate creatively. Become eclipsed by creativity. Experiment with familiar and unchartered spaces of creativity.

Genre: Urban Arts is focused on the satisfaction of the psyche through creative expression. We are a creative and brilliant people. Our goal is to participate in a renaissance. Join us.

We are looking for critical writing, artices,  that will interest to Genre: Urban Arts readers. 

500 words or less. Submissions must be submitted as a word doc. 

A green light to continue the pitch is not an agreement of acceptance. An agreement will be provided to the writer after the Editorial Staff has reviewed and accepted the completed work.

This form will be used for both the website and the magazine. If you intend to be considered for the print, please indicate which one you intend to submit to.

Contributorship with Genre: Urban Arts provides creatives with a platform to publish art digitally and in print.

Perks of being a contributor to Genre: Urban Arts:

  • publish to a digitally
  • publish in the Quarterly print magazine
  • be featured on social media accounts
  • become part of a global community of creatives

Requirements for contributors:

  • construct a post 2-4 times a month
  • promote content from the site

Genre: Urban Arts